I’ve seen too many inspiring, passionate people leave the travel industry since the start of the pandemic. A flourishing industry quickly became a fragile one.

However, thanks to a recent major client project, I’ve emerged more energised and excited than ever that the industry and its people, have a bright future in the framework of an Era of Purposeful Travel.

American Express asked me to support them in writing a whitepaper on The Future of Business Travel. To produce the paper, I’ve been immersing myself in research, interviews, analysis, and forecasting.

What we are witnessing is rapid change across our industry and as one of our clients recently said, “…this is the moment where we have to shine” – Ann Dery, S&P Global.

I hope the whitepaper helps spark ideas for you to solve not only the immediate challenges ahead, but also unlocks insights on the brighter future coming down the road, that can benefit us all.

With thanks to American Express, here’s a copy of the whitepaper.

Written by Mike Orchard, APAC