FESTIVE ROAD Seeks Marketeer(s)


FESTIVE ROAD is a consultancy like no other.
We’re on a mission for better travel and meetings management.

What does this mean? In every interaction, in every client project we strive for better, we don’t do same-old-same-old. We’ll ask those uncomfortable questions, we listen, then listen again to drive our clients towards the right result.

For suppliers, we help them grow their business through more effective engagement. We ensure they attract the right clients and keep the ones they have. One of our clients calls us their “Kool-Aid prevention kit” (we’re proud of that title).

For buyers, we help them deliver brilliant travel & meetings programmes. We’ll show them where they are today, versus the marketplace and where they could be … then lead the way.

Our place, at the centre of the travel management eco-system, is built on our Network, Knowledge and Credibility. This affords us a unique position to see things differently, which allows us to encourage and support major industry transformation programmes to build a new future for travel and meetings management. This philosophy, of encouraging our clients to create a new pathway rather than follow the road set by others, we call #BeTheRoad.

Marketing Contract/ Contractor

FESTIVE ROAD is currently seeking a passionate and self-motivated individual or small company to assist with the continuation of the brand’s unique industry narrative.

The marketing function at FESTIVE ROAD is unique. The environment is ideal for either an individual or small group of self-starters looking to have a direct impact on an organisation’s marketing activities and brand identity.  At the same time the contractor will build valuable industry experience, and all whilst working with a creative flair and the ability to dedicate time to a small but growing company.

This is a remote based, contracted function with individual(s) based in the United Kingdom who can fulfil the need below (Estimated at between 20-35 hours a week subject to capability, experience and work pace). The contract naturally allows for individuals or companies to fulfil other contractual interests as long as there’s no conflict and it will operate under an initial 3-month trial period, followed by a 2-year initial contract subject to review after year 1 and at end of term.

An overview requirement of deliverables includes;
  • Supporting the Managing Partner responsible for marketing, Paul Tilstone, with development and implementation of overall brand strategy
  • Working with the partner to develop the marketing strategy for new and existing products
  • Implementation of the marketing strategy including campaigns, events, digital marketing and PR
  • Working closely with the company’s wider consultancy, operations & finance functions and Managing Partners; enabling them to meet their objectives with the appropriate tools, materials and presentations
  • Managing the relationships of strategic partners, graphic design and website team on behalf of the company
  • Managing social media presence and directing programs to improve social media reputation and recognition
  • Undertaking continuous analysis of the competitive environment and industry trends
  • Anything else it takes to get our message across in a way which underpins our knowledge, network, credibility and creativity.
  • And most importantly, a drive to “Do what you love and love what you do” every day

What’s more, for the right person/company there is a potential option to develop consulting skills and a broader impact within the FESTIVE ROAD ecosystem.

You may not be an existing marketing whizz…just someone who gets and wants it.  If so, don’t let any of this scare you if you’re an amazing individual or small company with a creative brain, an eye for detail, a passionate heart, a commitment beyond others and you want to build an expertise in marketing for a company that challenges the way things are done…and that includes marketing itself.

If the above has piqued your interest, use the contact details below and your imagination to get our attention.

Creativity expected. Cheekiness welcome.


Email: paul.tilstone@festive-road.com
Mobile: +44 7714225853