We don’t do the same old, same old and are happy to challenge the status quo. We don’t follow the road created by someone else; we make our own.

#BeTheRoad is not relying on what’s been done, but what could be. We want to drive change within the business travel industry. That starts with ourselves and extends to our clients.

Our Story

“Let me tell you a story…”

Why “Festive Road?”

Niche, British animation series character Mr Benn was a man with a passion for costumes and the adventures they would take him on. During each adventure he became skilled at solving problems through collaboration and applying the lessons he learned from previous adventures. In each episode he discovered in his suit a souvenir of his adventure whilst returning to his home... on Festive Road.

...But why?

Mr Benn and the Festive Road story represents the simplicity of our approach to clients. We “put on their clothes” and immerse ourselves in their world. We use our independent perspective to help them solve issues through our knowledge and networks. We learn from each client experience and use our enhanced knowledge to enrich our expertise and help the next client.

A History Lesson

Festive Road was created in 2015 but the history of the team is far richer. Paul & Caroline have worked as a partnership in leading industry association roles since 2006. Together they have led significant industry change and always with creative minds and passionate hearts. They’re often called Mr & Mrs Business Travel (but let’s be clear they’re definitely not married in real life!)

Our Rule Book

We don’t like rules, but we love living by a clear set of principles. We embrace each other’s individuality and come together through our core values; to be Credible, Creative & Committed. We put our brilliant people first and they naturally put their client first. We keep business life simple.
Our Voice

We love what we do & we do what we love
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17th May 2022

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12th April 2022


If you are highly organised, a great team player and a natural communicator this could be your greatest career moment to date.
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